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Health & Diet Questions

Below you will find health and diet questions that have been asked on Yahoo Answers where my response has been picked as the best answer. Some of the questions on there can be very repetitive, as they are asked by different people at different times. Some of my answers may also seem repetitive, but they have all been placed here unedited in hopes of providing useful information to your particular questions. Click Here to view my Yahoo profile.

Help with my weight watchers!?

Is there life after Weight Watchers?

Should I stay signed up on weight watchers or quit?

What do they tell you to do on weight watchers?

I’m wondering about Weight Watchers?

How much weight did you lose on Weight Watchers?

Help with my weight watchers!?

Which one works better? Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig?

Help with Weight Watchers?

Does weight watchers really work?

Weight Watchers?

Has anyone had great success with Body Trim or Weight Watchers?

Diet Question……..?

I am 85 pounds and I want to be…

How many calories…

I started weight watchers today…

How much exercise am I supposed to be getting on Weight Watchers?

I want a function (Formula) for getting ideal weight from height?

How Much Should A Female 13…

Weight Watchers-high fiber foods?

Any one try weight watchers?

I need some tips on how to lose weight?

Effective exercise for beginner?

Snacks under 50 calories?

There is a 4’10” girl who is 11 and weighs 80-85 lbs…

What’s the easiest, most do-able diet?

Am I overweight…..?

Do you think I am skinny!?

How should i lose weight…

I started weight watchers today…

Can anyone recommend a healthy food list?

Weight watchers points system?

Weight watchers, I’m 14?


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