I’m wondering about weight watchers? by bellababi44

I know alot of people who have done it and it worked im trying to lose a few pounds for the summer..but I don’t understand how it works, you can eat really anything you want as long as you don’t go over your points? Like there are no restrictions? As long as you stay within your points? So for example a small fry from McDonald’s (not that I want to eat it im just using it as an example lol) would be 230 calories 11 grams of fat 3grams of fiber is 5 points (I calculated it on the weight watchers online calculator) so you could eat this stuff and still lose weight? Please give me all the info you have thanks

Best Answer by Haphran

There really are no restrictions, which I believe is why so many people have been successful with it. My wife has lost around 50 lbs. One of the things that has helped her is that she doesn’t have to order off of a “special” menu when we go out to eat. She just has to plan ahead a little and control her portions. Our kids love Taco Bell and Wendy’s and on the days that she goes to her WW meetings they always stop for dinner. The main thing is that you will eventually learn that even though you can indulge in the McDonald’s stuff occasionally, you would rather not use so many points for one item when you could have several items and be more content. Good luck!

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