Is there life after Weight Watchers? by Evangelista da Messina

A friend has lost three and a half stone using Weight Watchers and has managed to keep it off – but at what cost. She only seems to eat weight watchers meals and snacks (expensive), kiddie size breakfast and always seems to have her WW points calculator to hand. We have a retirement buffet to attend tomorrow and I doubt she’ll be eating anything. She never treats herself to a takeaway meal. I think it is very sad.

Best Answer by Haphran

WW is not a diet that you do for 6 months and then quit. WW teaches you to eat responsibly and make smart decisions when it comes to food. You should continue to make those smart decisions for the rest of your life.

Though there are WW meals available you are by no means restricted to eating that stuff. I have never eaten one WW item in the 15 weeks that I have been doing it.

Actually that is what has helped me to have success with WW when every other diet has failed. I can eat anything that I want, including vending machine food if I so choose. But I must be accountable for that item, and if it comes down to sacrificing a whole meal so I can have that treat then it makes me think twice about eating that item.

Your friend should be commended for her dedication, and should not be pressured to eat items that she is probably having a hard time resisting in the first place.

Other Answer #1

Is it really her that is sad or you?

She has done well to loose weight and is happy to stay on a restricted diet. What on earth is wrong with that?

It seems to me that the problem isn’t this lady, but a society which trys to ram garbage down people’s throats 24/7. I say good luck to her.

Other Answer #2

There are two sides to this. Co-workers of mine were seriously addicted to Weight Watchers. They wouldn’t eat a vending machine bag of pretzels without calculating every last little piece of salt. But, they lost the weight.

So, they are doing their body good by losing and keeping the weight off. However, if they ever stop their obsessive habit they will likely gain the weight right back because they haven’t been exercising and cutting out bad eating habits… they have just found a way to manipulate them.

I also think it is very sad to not be able to eat a donut or cheeseburger. Those don’t make you gain weight unless all you do is sit around and eat a diet consisting only of fast food. It is possible to maintain a healthy weight, exercise and eat a fast food meal without gaining weight

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