Weight Watchers POINTS and PointsPlus values for the following China City items were calculated using the nutrition information from HealthyDiningFinder.com. This list was accurate as of 03/2011 and contains all of the items that nutrition information is provided for.

From HealthyDiningFinder.com: China City opened it’s doors in Oak Park, Michigan in 2008 and has been climbing the ladder of success ever since. The casual take-out and dine-in restaurant is settled in a bustling, high traffic area. While there definitely isn’t a shortage of hungry people to serve, there is strong competition; with ten Chinese restaurants and a variety of restaurants serving other cuisines nearby, it’s up to owner, Shu Yan, to make his restaurant stand out from the rest. Yan’s secret is to constantly move forward. The most highly recommended and ordered dishes are the Almond Boneless Chicken, Triple Delight, Sesame Chicken, and Bourbon Chicken. According to Yan, the recipes are written with the perfect combination of ingredients to create a delicious and balanced flavor.

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Almond Boneless Chicken (Serves 4 -analysis for 1 serving) 7 7
Cal=300, Fat=15, Carbs=4, Fib=0, Prot=35
Sesame Chicken (Serves 4 – analysis for 1 serving) 8 10
Cal=380, Fat=7, Carbs=50, Fib=1, Prot=30
Triple Delight (Serves 3 – analysis for 1 serving) 5 6
Cal=240, Fat=7, Carbs=17, Fib=4, Prot=27
White Rice (1/2 cup) 2 3
Cal=120, Fat=0, Carbs=27, Fib=0, Prot=2

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