Weight Watchers POINTS and PointsPlus values for the following China Star items were calculated using the nutrition information from HealthyDiningFinder.com. This list was accurate as of 03/2011 and contains all of the items that nutrition information is provided for.

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From HealthyDiningFinder.com: China Star is fortuitously located in the middle of a business strip right next to a large shopping area. This guarantees a stable stream of customers who, after shopping, like to enjoy the far-away, half-way around the world Chinese mood at China Star. Two clusters of large eye-catching red chilies hang at either side of the entrance door reminding visitors that this is an authentic Chinese restaurant, not to be missed. Other classic attributes, such as traditional tea pots, paintings, wooden sculptures, four season pictures and artistic calligraphy scrolls, showcase the Chinese culture. One can find dishes prepared without MSG and little to no added salt or oil, and healthy means of preparation, such as steaming, boiling or grilling are common here. Some items that meet this bill are General Tso’s Tofu and Mixed Vegetables with Chicken or Shrimp. Ingredients are procured daily to ensure freshness and high quality. The chef says he will choose ingredients that are excellent because “good meals can only be made from good products.”

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CURRY CHICKEN (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 5 7
Cal=270, Fat=10, Carbs=17, Fib=4, Prot=29
BROCCOLI CHICKEN (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving)(request chicken breast) 5 6
Cal=250, Fat=9, Carbs=12, Fib=4, Prot=32
CHINESE VEGETABLE WITH SHRIMP (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 3 4
Cal=160, Fat=2.5, Carbs=16, Fib=4, Prot=19
MIXED VEGETABLE WITH BEAN CURD (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 4 5
Cal=220, Fat=8, Carbs=28, Fib=12, Prot=12
MIXED VEGETABLES (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 2 3
Cal=120, Fat=2, Carbs=19, Fib=5, Prot=7
MOO GOO GAI PAN (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 4 5
Cal=220, Fat=4.5, Carbs=15, Fib=3, Prot=30
ORANGE CHICKEN (SERVES 2 – analysis for 1 serving)(request chicken breast) 7 8
Cal=340, Fat=14, Carbs=14, Fib=3, Prot=38
Cal=230, Fat=5, Carbs=20, Fib=4, Prot=25
WHITE RICE (1/2 CUP) 2 3
Cal=120, Fat=0, Carbs=27, Fib=0, Prot=2

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