Weight Watchers POINTS and PointsPlus values for the following Chopsticks II items were calculated using the nutrition information from HealthyDiningFinder.com. This list was accurate as of 05/2011 and contains all of the items that nutrition information is provided for.

From HealthyDiningFinder.com: Chopsticks II is located, not in the sticks, but right in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. Open since 2002, it is in a shopping center surrounded by a residential neighborhood on one side with a business center on the other. A hospital and factory are close by and the truism, “location, location, location” is clearly a success buzzword here. Mr. Zhang, the owner, feels blessed with the location and the good fortune it brings to his door daily. Although the restaurant has a capacity for 50 in a total area of over 1500 square feet, the mainstay of the business is take-out. If customers decide to sit and stay for a meal they will find themselves in a clean wallpapered room with plain wooden tables. Perhaps they will notice some of the Chinese art on the walls, if they are not too rushed. Slowing down a bit is just what many of Chopsticks’ customers have told Mr. Zhang they want: that is, a dine-in option. That is just what he is in the process of doing: a makeover, if you will, to satisfy the demand of his regulars while improving the service of his business.

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Black Pepper Beef – request light soy sauce (Serves 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 9 10
Cal=370, Fat=20, Carbs=19, Fib=1, Prot=26
Chicken in Tomato Sauce – request light soy sauce (Serves 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 8 9
Cal=360, Fat=15, Carbs=27, Fib=4, Prot=29
Salt and Pepper Shrimp – request pan fried (Serves 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 9 9
Cal=370, Fat=17, Carbs=15, Fib=1, Prot=38
Stir-fried Pork with Bean Sauce – request light soy sauce (Serves 2 – analysis for 1 serving) 10 11
Cal=410, Fat=23, Carbs=18, Fib=2, Prot=31
White Rice (1/2 cup) 2 3
Cal=120, Fat=0, Carbs=27, Fib=0, Prot=2
Brown Rice (1/2 cup) 2 3
Cal=110, Fat=1, Carbs=22, Fib=2, Prot=3

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