Weight Watchers POINTS and PointsPlus values for the following Dos Coyotes items were calculated using the nutrition information from HealthyDiningFinder.com. This list was accurate as of 05/2011 and contains all of the items that nutrition information is provided for.

From HealthyDiningFinder.com: Dos Coyotes offers innovative, healthful cuisine without trans fat or MSG. Customers can’t get enough of the food, which is prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily. It is always worth a special trip to taste the natural flame-broiled chicken, premium citrus-marinated seafood, trail blazin’ lean and tender Sterling Beef and Real California Cheese. Even our vegetarian friends marvel at the guilt-free treats at Dos Coyotes. Enjoy original artwork from Santa Fe while experiencing why they were voted “Best Mexican/Southwest Restaurant” by the California Restaurant Association, Sacramento Chapter.

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Chicken Tacos (2 Tacos – no cheese) 14 17
Cal=665, Fat=23, Carbs=63, Fib=5, Prot=53
Coyotes’ Yin Yang Salad (Small – includes dressing) 7 11
Cal=285, Fat=22, Carbs=18, Fib=9, Prot=42
Mahi-Mahi Tacos (2 Tacos – no white sauce) 11 14
Cal=545, Fat=15, Carbs=67, Fib=6, Prot=33
Southwest Dinner Salad – includes dressing 6 7
Cal=275, Fat=17, Carbs=30, Fib=9, Prot=5
Adobe Chicken salad (Small – includes dressing) 14 14
Cal=637, Fat=25, Carbs=58, Fib=17, Prot=32
Southwest Chicken Burrito – no cheese 10 13
Cal=475, Fat=15, Carbs=50, Fib=4, Prot=44
Southwest Rice and Bean Burrito – no cheese 12 16
Cal=565, Fat=12, Carbs=107, Fib=11, Prot=23
Yucatan Chicken Salad (Small – includes dressing) 14 14
Cal=678, Fat=18, Carbs=60, Fib=15, Prot=49

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