Advertising on

Hi, my name is Dan and this is my site! You will find that advertising on is easy and effective, and that you are dealing with a very trustworthy individual. My site traffic is very stable with the first 3 months of the year being the best months to advertise.


The table below shows traffic data for from Google Analytics (since 2009).


2009 (6 Months) 21,968 15,223 78,892 13,148
2010 265,172 160,728 842,123 70,176
2011 599,886 409,208 1,294,455 107,871
2012 1,139,949 742,053 2,054,779 171,232
2013 1,120,544 727,693 1,989,044 165,754
2014 1,159,042 717,702 2,198,532 183,211
2015 1,892,936 1,071,290 4,196,857 349,738

Advertising Spaces and Rates

I am offering four spaces that will consist of 125×125 ads at the top of the right hand sidebar. These ads are non-rotating and will show on every page of the site. The price for each ad is $50 for 1 month or $200 for 6 months. The items you are advertising should be relevant to the material on the site – such as healthy food, fitness and exercise products, etc.

At this time I will only be accepting PayPal as payment but keep in mind that you can now make credit card payments on PayPal without having an actual PayPal account.

Please email your ad requests to Include your 125×125 image and the required link. If your ad is approved I will send a PayPal invoice with payment info. Once your payment is received I will have your advertisement on the site within 3 to 5 days (or you can request a specific start date) and it will remain on the site for the specified period of time. Full refunds are available within the first 2 days, after 2 days no refunds will be provided.

Thanks for looking and I hope that we can do business soon!