Weight Watchers POINTS and PointsPlus 360 values for the following Papouli’s Greek Grill items were calculated using the nutrition information from HealthyDiningFinder.com. This list was accurate as of 05/2013 and contains all of the items that nutrition information is provided for.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for historical reference only and may not represent the latest info available for these items. For the latest information for this restaurant, please find the link for this restaurant on the sites main restaurant index.

From HealthyDiningFinder.com: Papouli’s Greek Grill is a fast-casual restaurant featuring original flavors from Greece and the Mediterranean! We’ve worked hard to preserve robust and exotic elements that make our foods attractive to the palate, while keeping many of our menu offerings healthy and nutritious. What you get is a wide selection of freshly prepared foods packed with intense flavors that stimulate the senses. More about our food: We serve an extensive menu of traditional and contemporary Mediterranean fare including appetizers, stuffed pita sandwiches, savory kabobs, fresh salads and enticing dinner platters. We feature gyros, fresh seasoned steak, fresh chicken breast, and top round leg of lamb, as well as a host of vegetarian selections like falafel, marinated baked fish, and hearty soups. From flavors to feels, sights to sounds, aromas to aesthetics, our casual setting will invite you in and bring you back. Papouli’s is your “Escape to the Mediterranean!” SM © Greektown Restaurants, Ltd. All rights reserved

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ITEM POINTS PointsPlus 360
Tossed Greek Salad, Small 2 3
Cal=120, Fat=7, Carbs=8, Fib=4, Prot=7
Gypsy Lentil Soup (Bowl) 7 8
Cal=380, Fat=2, Carbs=66, Fib=24, Prot=27
Traditional Village Salad (Large) 10 12
Cal=460, Fat=25, Carbs=50, Fib=9, Prot=11
Chicken Salad Espana 9 10
Cal=410, Fat=17, Carbs=19, Fib=3, Prot=43
Nabil’s Famous Tabouli Salad 4 5
Cal=180, Fat=9, Carbs=23, Fib=6, Prot=4
Garden Pita Sandwich with Chicken 11 13
Cal=490, Fat=18, Carbs=48, Fib=4, Prot=34
Vegetarian Pita Salad Sandwich – Regular 7 9
Cal=340, Fat=11, Carbs=50, Fib=5, Prot=11
Mediterranean Diet Salad 8 10
Cal=390, Fat=14, Carbs=52, Fib=11, Prot=14
Mediterranean Diet Salad with Chicken 11 13
Cal=520, Fat=22, Carbs=45, Fib=7, Prot=36
Mediterranean Diet Salad with Grilled Shrimp 10 12
Cal=490, Fat=16, Carbs=53, Fib=11, Prot=34
The Traditional Pita Sandwich with Chicken 11 13
Cal=520, Fat=20, Carbs=50, Fib=3, Prot=32
Mediterranean Chicken Burger 16 19
Cal=750, Fat=22, Carbs=87, Fib=3, Prot=48
Grilled Rosemary Lemoni Chicken 14 16
Cal=620, Fat=26, Carbs=41, Fib=5, Prot=53
Yia Yia Chrissy’s Baked Fish 14 16
Cal=620, Fat=25, Carbs=42, Fib=5, Prot=57
Traditional Plate with Chicken 13 15
Cal=610, Fat=23, Carbs=41, Fib=5, Prot=57
Side Dish: Rice Pilaf 3 4
Cal=170, Fat=3.5, Carbs=30, Fib=1, Prot=4
Side: Nisi Orzo 3 4
Cal=150, Fat=6, Carbs=21, Fib=1, Prot=5
Side: Traditional Village Salad 3 3
Cal=110, Fat=9, Carbs=5, Fib=2, Prot=3
Accompaniment: 6″ Pita 5 6
Cal=210, Fat=7, Carbs=32, Fib=1, Prot=5
Accompaniment: Tzatziki Cup (2 oz.) 2 2
Cal=80, Fat=6, Carbs=4, Fib=0, Prot=2

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