Weight Watchers Points, PointsPlus and SmartPoints values for the following Peking Chinese Restaurant items were calculated using the nutrition information from HealthyDiningFinder.com. This list was accurate as of 03/2016 and contains all of the items that nutrition information is provided for.

From HealthyDiningFinder.com: Since its opening in 1988, Peking Chinese Restaurant has been spreading the knowledge of traditional Chinese culture to Thomaston residents and tourists. The restaurant serves a combination of Cantonese, Hunan and Szechuan cuisine and provides a relaxing atmosphere for anyone walking through the doors. The impeccably spotless, 2,000-square foot restaurant can seat up to 80 people. The menu offers an array of options, with more than 60 dishes available. The food at Peking Chinese Restaurant is always fresh. Owner Mr. Dong is currently in the process of reducing the sugar and salt content throughout his menu, with his customers’ health in mind. “We update our dishes often, and customers can recognize how fresh our food is. All of my foods are very fresh, demonstrating our strict level of quality,” Dong says, explaining the restaurant’s success.

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Salt & Pepper Shrimp (Serves 2) Points 3
PointsPlus 4
SmartPoints 4
Chicken with Radish (Serves 2) Points 5
PointsPlus 6
SmartPoints 8
White Rice (1/2 cup) Points 2
PointsPlus 3
SmartPoints 3
Honey Chicken (Serves 2) Points 4
PointsPlus 5
SmartPoints 6
Mongolian Pork (Serves 2) Points 6
PointsPlus 7
SmartPoints 9

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