The first step to a healthier you when doing Weight Watchers is to calculate how many points you are allowed each day. To find your daily point allowance simply take the short quiz below and calculate your totals. Remember that 18 is the least amount of points allowed in a day and 44 is the most. If you are new to Weight Watchers and are not sure how the program works, you can find an article here that explains the basics of how to do it.

Please note: This quiz is for the old POINTS plan (prior to December 2010). The new PointsPlus plan makes it a little more difficult to calculate your daily PointsPlus Target. At this time, to calculate your target you basically have 3 options – they will give it to you at your meeting, get it online using E-Tools or purchase a new PointsPlus Calculatorand enter your information.

Here is the old POINTS quiz: (Prior to December 2010)

1. Sex:
Female — 2pts
Male — 8pts

2. Age:
17-26 — 4pts
27-37 — 3pts
38-47 –2pts
48-58 — 1pt
Over 58 — 0pt

3. First two 2 digits of your current weight:
(Example: Weight 165 = 16pt or Weight 230 = 23pt)

4. Height
Under 5’1″: 0pts
5’1″ to 5’10”: 1pt
5’10” and over: 2pts

5. Daily Activity Levels:
Sitting: 0pts
Some Sitting, Mostly Standing: 2pts
Walking most of the time: 4pts
Doing physically hard work most of the time: 6pts

6. Nursing Mom?
Solely Nursing: 10 pts
Supplementing with solid food or formula: 5 pts

Keep in mind that as you lose weight you will also start to lose points. Whenever the 2nd digit of your weight changes so does your daily point allowance. For example, if you weighed 170 pounds one week and then 168 pounds the next week, the second digit changed from a 7 to a 6 so you lose 1 point from your daily total. This is to insure that the weight loss continues until you reach your goal weight.

In addition to your daily points you are also allowed 35 bonus points each week. It is recommended that you use these points for special occaisions such as a holiday dinner, birthday celebration, or other event. It is NOT recommended to divide the 35 points up among the days of the week giving yourself 5 extra points each day. Remember, the goal here is to lose weight.